Juror questionnaire offers new insight on McDonnell trial

Posted at 5:49 PM, Sep 18, 2014
and last updated 2014-09-18 18:48:19-04

RICHMOND, Va. --  A copy of the questionnaire jurors in the federal corruption trial of former governor Bob McDonnell were given before they could hear the case.

The 99 questions covered everything from if potential jurors ever sold dietary supplements to whether they or someone they knew had ever worked for former first lady or governor.

Robin Trijullo, who six weeks confined to the federal courthouse in Richmond, said the process was at times excrutiating and "very time consuming."

Trijullo said listening to the countless hours of testimony and evidence presented throughout the trial was like nothing she ever experienced.

"It was tiring at the end of the day. It was like information overload," said Trijullo, who was the 12th person to be picked from a jury pool of 140 people.


Judge James Spencer released the 26-page blank jury questionnaire on Thursday. The purpose of the form was to shorten the jury selection process.

The questions asked jurors:

  • If they ever contributed to the McDonnells' defense in any way
  • If they contributed to the McDonnell's campaign
  • If they ever sought help from any public official
  • Whether they had ever completed an application for a home mortgage
  • If they sold dietary or nutritional supplements?
  • If they used Anatabloc or ever owned any stock in Star Scientific?

Additional questions pertained to the high-profile case. And Robin Trijullo was on of those jurors who found the McDonnells guilty on nearly all charges.

In the end, she said she was glad she was selected for the jury.

"Yeah, I think we all took it very seriously. We didn't take it for granted what we were called to do," said Trijullo.

The McDonnells are out of jail, but both face up to 30 years when they're sentenced in January.