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Math teacher spins and wins $1 million during ‘Wheel of Fortune Teacher Week’

Posted at 11:05 AM, Sep 18, 2014
and last updated 2014-09-18 12:35:56-04

LOS ANGELES – We love teachers and so does Wheel of Fortune!

During teacher’s week, middle school math teacher Sarah Manchester of Silver Spring, Maryland, made Wheel of Fortune history, when she became the third person to win $1 million dollars.

Manchester spun the wheel, picked her winning prize and then solved the puzzle  “Loud Laughter”.

After guessing correctly the show’s host Pat Sajak opened the envelope.

“Can you use a million dollars?” Sajak asked. Completely surprised Manchester jumped for joy over the million dollar prize.

Manchester took home $1,017,490.

Wheel of Fortune introduced the million-dollar wedge back in 2008. A contestant must collect the wedge, solve the puzzle and make it the bonus round. The $100,000 envelope is replaced by $1 million on the Bonus Round wheel, according to

The previous million-dollar winners are Michelle Lowenstein, who won in 2008, and Autumn Erhard, who won in 2013.