VIDEO: Mom drops bombshell after gay teen comes out in hidden recording

Posted at 2:35 PM, Sep 17, 2014
and last updated 2014-09-17 14:35:02-04

When a gay teenager recorded himself coming out to his mother, he had no idea she would deliver a surprise of her own, according to a post on thegailygrind.

After setting up his camera, Hayden Smith told his mom, “I’m gay.”

“That’s very brave of you to tell me that,” she replied. “Thank you for telling me. It doesn’t make me love you any less — at all. Ok? Your choice is your choice. I accept you however way you are. You’re still my boy…  I’m okay with it.”

During their conversation, the mother then revealed a secret of her own.

“Can I tell you something too? As you’ve been so open with me, I’ll tell you a secret too… I’ve had a girlfriend,” she said.

Watch the video to see the entire conversation.