Trooper arrested, accused of raping woman while on duty

Posted at 1:08 AM, Sep 16, 2014
and last updated 2014-09-16 01:08:22-04

OKLAHOMA CITY – The Oklahoma Highway Patrol has arrested a state trooper accused of raping a Tulsa woman while on duty.

Investigators with the patrol announced Monday they have completed their investigation and found enough evidence to move forward with criminal charges against state trooper Eric Roberts.

At a press conference Monday, OHP said there are three assault victims and three other questionable traffic stops. TrooperPicsComb

Investigators say the 16-year veteran trooper allegedly pulled them over in Creek County near Sapulpa with the intent to sexually assault them.

During all of those stops, officials say Trooper Roberts turned off his camera and microphone.

“This particular matter sickens us as an agency,” says Chief of Patrol Rick Adams. “It represents the ultimate portrayal of a man’s oath. The oath to his state, to his agency, to his family and his oath to support, defend and protect the public.”

In July two women came forward before filing a lawsuit against Roberts, but one of those women has a criminal past.

Several warrants out for her arrest including making a false rape report.

They could not answer why they did not take her into custody after they interviewed her.

Officials say they still took her seriously.

“Just because somebody has issues in their background does not mean there’s not a complaint to be looked at,” says Colonel Rick Adams.

Court documents show both women told similar stories.

They say he asked sexually inappropriate questions.

One even said she began to wonder if she was going to die.

They say Roberts then drove them to the same secluded location in Creek County and raped them.

Later, investigators were able to find DNA evidence at the scene.

They were also able to find another assault victim as well as three other questionable traffic stops.

They say Roberts made the drivers very uncomfortable but did not assault them.

Monday morning Roberts was taken into custody by his own fellow troopers. They say they did that to show the public they police their own.

“So often the public I don’t think realizes that we do take these things extremely seriously,” says Adams. “This is not just a small deal.”

The attorney for the first two victims has been told there is dash cam video of when Roberts initially stopped his clients.

We have submitted a request to get a copy of that video but have not received a response.

Right now Roberts is still being paid by OHP as they work through the process of officially terminating him.

Roberts was booked into the Creek County Jail where he faces formal charges of kidnapping and sexual assault crimes.