Neighbors call for solution to dead-end road conundrum off Midlothian

Posted at 7:57 PM, Sep 12, 2014
and last updated 2014-09-12 19:57:37-04

MIDLOTHIAN, Va. -- Near Midlothian High School, off LeGordon Drive, there is a traffic problem frustrating neighbors and just begging for a solution.

Neighbors call the situation a conundrum. A sign marking a dead-end street is placed past the last place where people can safely turn around. And it's caused several issues.

Susan Tibbs and Rachael Davila are frustrated by what they see on their dead-end road.

They’re talking about cars pulling out of Midlothian High rolling through a yield sign as they turn onto LeGordon. They’re also fed up with others zooming down LeGordon approaching the intersection at Garnett Lane.

Neighbors believe the trouble there is because the four- way intersection desperately needs a stop sign.

At this intersection, neighbors are concerned because cars driving on LeGordon should be making a left turn in the direction of the high school.

Just beyond that turn, LeGordon becomes a dead-end road. Sometimes unfamiliar drivers miss the turn and blow through the intersection and they quickly find out that the road comes to an end.

"We've actually had cars going into the woods," Davila said. "Cars rolling over the dirt embankment."

Other neighbors said a driver plowed through one of the few “No Outlet” signs on their street.

Tibbs points to where the sign now lies across her front lawn. “It worries me, because there are so many kids here on this road."

"If drivers don’t see the sign, how can we expect them to see the children,” Tibbs questioned.

A VDOT spokesperson said they had no idea the sign had been knocked down, or that there were any problems.

Now they will make a site visit to see if additional signs are needed and if the road is getting more traffic than it used to.