Neighbors near proposed Chesterfield indoor water park have concerns

Posted at 10:48 PM, Sep 10, 2014
and last updated 2014-09-11 10:14:02-04

MIDLOTHIAN, Va. -- The 26 acres of vacant land on Brad McNear Parkway will soon look a lot different, after a indoor water park is developed along the Midlothian property. Local convenience store giant Steven Uphoff, who owns Uppy's, unveiled the proposed project on Wednesday, to county leaders.

Uphoff has teamed up with a Chinese investment group to build a water park, 400-room hotel and convention center. There will also be an outdoor park with zip lines, miniature golf, and climbing walls.

"Instead of going to Williamsburg or something farther, you'll have like a nice day-vacation including in the winter time," Tameka Peebles said.

The $160-million-dollar investment is expected to bring hundreds of jobs and boost county revenue.

Uphoff also owns the 57,000 square-foot Uptown Alley next door. Since the property that he owns is zoned for commercial use, he doesn't have to get county approval.

Chesterfield water park

"We want to make sure they're comfortable with our development and what we're proposing," said Uphoff about people who live near the development.

Nnot everyone shares Uphoff's enthusiasm for the project.

"From noise we can hear things from the bowling alley now, but we're concerned about that,” said Richard Miller, whose property backs up the proposed project. “Visually we're concerned about what they might be able to see over the fence.”

Off camera, several neighbors said they feel like they didn't have a chance to give any input on the proposed project.

“If he sits down and talks with us and addresses our concerns that's great, that's all we really want,” said neighbors who felt left out of the process.

Uphoff said that he plans to work with the county and public on a traffic study and best use of the land for the proposed project.

Last year county leaders turned down a similar project due to of traffic and utility concerns.