Pink and prayers fill vigil for 4-year-old victim Geonna

Posted at 12:41 AM, Sep 10, 2014
and last updated 2014-09-10 09:16:13-04

RICHMOND, Va. -- Dozens of people filled the front yard of the Richmond East End home where a four-year-old girl died Friday night.

Geoanna Bradley was killed after another child her in the chest with a pellet gun.

Family and friends gathered to remember  the bright spot in their lives, who faded all too fast, on what was otherwise a wet and gloomy Tuesday evening

Geoanna’s favorite color pink was on full display.

“I... I love Geonna; Geonna was my best friend -- more than my best friend,” was just one tearful testimony. “She was everything to me.”

Police have ruled Geonna's death a tragic accident. She was struck and killed by a pellet that fired from a pellet gun Friday night.

According to police the 4-year-old was accidentally shot in the chest with a pellet rifle, by another juvenile

“She just died in my face,” a family member said. “Eye to eye and it hurt me; I just didn't know what to do, man."

“You can't explain something like that,” said another family member. “You know? Things happen. Some things are in your control and some things aren't. You know? You just have to learn to deal with it either way and just ask God to help you through it."

Family members said that even though she was so young, she had an old spirit that brought comfort to so many others.

“Her warm hugs. She could really hug you tight and let you know... I miss this.”

The family plans to set up a memorial fund to help with funeral expenses, but in the meantime, they're asking for prayers.