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NYPD shells out $33K after cops mistake Jolly Ranchers for meth

Posted at 7:04 PM, Sep 08, 2014
and last updated 2014-09-08 19:04:47-04

BROOKLYN, NY Three Brooklyn men will get a sweet settlement paycheck, compliments of the city.

The situation started when cops mistook Jolly Ranchers for meth and arrested the men.

The New York Police Department agreed to hand over $33,000 to settle the lawsuit, according to WPIX.

The plaintiffs arrested last year on Coney Island were Love Olatunjiojo, Omar Ferriera and Jimmy Santos

Olatunjiojo, 26, and Ferriera 23, were stopped by police as they left a candy store.

Officers arrested them based on a claim made by an undercover cop who said they were seen selling drugs.

Santos was on the sidelines, watching with his daughter, and he protested the arrest of his friends, reported New York Daily News.  He was allegedly punched in the face and also booked with the other two, according to the NY Daily News.

Olatunjiojo and Ferriera will each receive $4,000 and Santos receives $25,000, according to court papers.

A lawyer for the police officers said they were just doing their jobs.