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Laundry customers mistook 5-year-old trapped inside high-speed washer for dress

Posted at 3:18 PM, Sep 03, 2014
and last updated 2014-09-03 15:23:42-04


PASADENA, Tex. – A 5-year-old girl has been hospitalized after she became trapped inside a washing machine at a Laundromat in Texas.

KHOU reports that the girl became locked inside a machine at a Le’s Washateria around 6:15 p.m. on Tuesday.

Officials said that a woman had reported that the machine was not working – and had asked a manager for a refund – just moments before the machine turned on.

At first, people in the Laundromat did not realize what had happened, so the child was reportedly inside the machine for several minutes.

“She was tumbling pretty fast in there,” Pasadena police’s Vance Mitchell told KHOU. “One person walked by and said they saw something flopping around in there. They thought it was just a dress or something because it was moving pretty fast.”

KHOU reports that the girl, who suffered extensive injuries, was airlifted to Memorial Hermann Hospital.