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Bear with bucket on head for a month freed at long last

Posted at 6:20 PM, Sep 02, 2014
and last updated 2014-09-02 18:20:39-04

CLARION COUNTY, Penn. -- A video on a Facebook page shows the bold rescue of a bear in Pennsylvania.

The young black bear’s head was trapped inside of a plastic bucket and, according to a recently established Facebook page “Save the Bucket Bear,” the bear had been spotted with the bucket on head for more than a month.

Pictures of the “Bucket Bear” and pleas for the game commission in the Perry Township area to take humane action to help the bear were posted to the Facebook page.

The person who created the Facebook page wrote that they reached out to the game commission, who acknowledged the bear had been spotted for a month with a bucket over its head.

“The game commission is well aware of the situation and said that as long as the bear is not injured and is mobile, they can't do anything about it,” the man wrote on Facebook. “I find this hard to believe and heart breaking.”

“How hard can it be to track down and tranquilize a bear that can't even see where it is going?!”

The men in the video are volunteers who went on a mission to help the bear after authorities did not respond immediately, according to online reports.

Hopefully now the bear will have a chance to recover fully by winter’s hibernation.