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‘Brown Grass Is Sexy’ signs spread message about drought

Posted at 8:38 PM, Sep 02, 2014
and last updated 2014-09-02 20:38:49-04

RANCHO CORDOVA, Cali. -- Ryan Lundquist is a dad and proud homeowner in Rancho Cordova, who typically has a nice green lawn.

"Normally my lawn looks really really nice and it's painful to see it brown but I wanted to creatively explain the way it is right now," Lundquist said.

He's doing his part in conserving water amid a massive drought, yet is concerned about what neighbors are saying: about his brown grass next to their green lawns.

So, in July he put out a sign that says "Brown Grass is Sexy" and posted it on Instagram, where friends loved it.

"Ya, friends started to say 'Hey I love this, this is great, you should sell 'em,'" Lundquist said. "That hadn't crossed my mind at all but then I thought maybe we should; maybe that would help inspire others to save water."

So for fun, he got his sons involved and their sign business was born. The boys not only learn about business but water conservation as well.

"They are learning how precious water is and we're talking about it constantly on a daily basis and we're finding ways not only outside of our home but I think more importantly inside to save water, " Lundquist said

The response?

"People have loved it and they tend to chuckle, they laugh," he said. "They think it's funny and um, it's been really fun to see."

By not wasting water, the Lundquist family is seeing a 60 percent savings in their water bill compared to last year.

The sign might be funny to some but it's getting a message across.