Richmond is a hotspot for car thefts

Posted at 7:01 PM, Aug 19, 2014
and last updated 2014-08-19 19:01:02-04

RICHMOND, Va - There were more vehicle thefts in the city of Richmond than any other locality in the state in 2013, according to numbers from the Virginia State Police.

A report released on Monday found that car thefts have seen a drastic decrease across the state over the last few decades.  The report found a 61 percent drop in vehicle thefts in Virginia since 1991.

The city of Richmond has seen a similar drop; however, the 854 reported vehicle thefts last year were more than larger urban areas like Fairfax County or the city of Norfolk.  If you add up the total number of auto thefts reported in the localities surrounding Richmond, the number does not even reach the 800 mark.


In 2013, there were 365 vehicle thefts in Henrico County, 237 in Chesterfield County, 87 in the city of Petersburg, and 50 in Hanover County.

"In cities, of course, there are a lot more people, so [cars] are easier targets when people are hustling and bustling.  You have a lot more distractions," said Tammy Arnette with AAA Mid Atlantic.

Arnette added that more than half of stolen cars were left unlocked, so taking that simple step could keep you from being a target.

For more information on the study into car thefts in Virginia, click here.