Some blockhead shot Momo the cat in the face, with an arrow

Posted at 6:03 PM, Aug 08, 2014
and last updated 2014-08-08 18:04:20-04

Cat shot in face with arrow livesBelleville, IL (KTVI) — A Belleville family discovered a stray cat with an arrow shot through its face. Now veterinarians at an area clinic are caring for the cat named “Momo.”

He’s fortunately expected to make a full recovery, but shockingly, this isn’t the first time Momo has been attacked with a weapon.

Cat shot in face with arrow lives

Belleville resident Debbie Hayes first met this stray cat three years ago when he showed up on her back porch. Debbie named him Momo, started feeding him, and now he’s part of the family.

But when Debbie spotted Momo this past Monday, she was sickened by what she saw — an arrow, belonging to a handheld crossbow, stuck in the side of his face.

Debbie rushed the cat to an emergency clinic where vets skillfully removed the arrow.

Debbie said it costs, “$1,200, but I sure wasn`t going to leave it in him. I wasn`t going to kill him, if there was a chance of saving him, I mean he`s part of our family now.”

Cat shot in face with arrow lives

The vet gave Debbie the arrow which could have easily killed Momo. Now she’s hoping this piece of evidence could help find the culprit, especially since Momo only wanders withing a two-block radius in their Villa Madero Subdivision.

Momo is definitely an indoor cat, at least until his wound heals. During his exam, vets discovered an old BB gun wound in his back and the BB still embedded in his fur.