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‘Ghost’ attacks news photographer inside haunted Pennsylvania home

Posted at 1:17 PM, Jul 27, 2014
and last updated 2014-07-27 13:17:22-04

HANOVER, Penn. — A Pennsylvania news crew went to do a report on a so-called “haunted” house which was featured this weekend on a national TV show, and ended up getting much more than they bargained for.

A local news station in Central Pennsylvania, WPMT, went inside the home in Hanover, York County, which homeowner DeAnna Simpson and her family have lived in for seven years.

This home however, is different from others on the block because the people who live there say it is severely haunted, with multiple entities, including ghosts and something Simpson refers to as the “Shadow man.”

The family didn’t realize the house was haunted until after they moved in and say it will be difficult for them to move when the time comes because of the stigma that surrounds it.

“We put everything into this house,” Simpson told WPMT. “And we do want to move, but we would have to list it at such a price where we could recoup what we put in.”

The house was featured on the Travel Channel Saturday on a show called, “The Dead Files.” Simpson says the crew turned up evidence of many “grisly” deaths which took place in the home.