Ashland man believes he was taken for ride on Craigslist

Posted at 11:28 PM, Jul 26, 2014
and last updated 2014-07-26 23:28:29-04

ASHLAND, Va - "It's irritating.  It's agitating."

Carl Blakey believes he may have been taken for ride on Craigslist.

"No frills, no thrills, no pain.  Totally convenient.  At least I thought it was going to be,” said Carl Blakey.

Blakey called the name and number of the Mechanic listed as Steve on the ad July 10th.

The ad states 40 dollar brake job - I come to you Richmond.

Blakey discovered he needed more than breaks when his car wouldn't start.

"He came out did quick evaluation and told us it was the Alternator.  The Alternator was bad and recommended that he take the Alternator with him and have it rebuilt versus buying a new Alternator at three times the cost.  And that he would also pick up the brake pads,” said Blakey.

Blakey tells CBS 6 - he gave the guy (Steve) his Alternator and 120 dollars in cash for a job that was supposed to be completed in two days.

Two weeks later Blakey says the Mechanic has excuses.

"So, we had a couple of days of the part didn't come in.  Then, we transitioned to, oh, it rained.  And the weather is bad.  And I even said at one point, I have a garage,” said Blakey.

CBS 6 reached out to Steve by phone.

"Hi Steve this Sandra Jones with channel 6.  How are you?"

He declined to speak with us on camera.

Steve says the job took longer than expected because he had to order a part for Blakey's Alternator.

He tells CBS 6 - he spent the money on personal items. But promised to repay the Blakey's.

Sandra asked:  "So, how do you explain that?  Not having the money or having the services that were supposed to be performed on his car. "

Steve insisted he told Blakey about the delay and suggested he get the work done with another Mechanic.  Blakey did, and said it cost him $500 for a new Alternator, plus labor.  Not to mention, the $120 that he Steve still owes him.

"The most important thing of all is to know the people you're doing business with,” said Tom Gallagher, spokesman, Better Business Bureau.

Tom Gallagher with the BBB says buyers beware, especially when you purchase online.

"When you do business over the internet like that type of thing or Craigslist you have no idea waht your protections are...none,” said Gallagher.

Advice Carl Blakey plans to follow.  But he’s not giving up on Craigslist anytime soon.

"We're not going to let one guy spoil it for everybody.  They're a lot of hardworking people out there.  And this is how they make their living,” said Blakey.

Blakey tells CBS 6, he and his wife have left countless voice mail and text messages over the two weeks.  But shortly after we spoke with Steve, Blakey says the Mechanic contacted him stating he would return his Alternator and refund his money.

CBS 6 is following this story and we’ll keep you updated.