Neighbors frustrated with rodents, trash left in city alleyway

Posted at 10:10 PM, Jul 25, 2014
and last updated 2014-07-26 08:25:30-04

RICHMOND, Va. -- Neighbors living along the 1300 block of Columbia St. in Richmond said something is bringing down the area.

"It's disturbing," said one neighbor.

For years neighbors told CBS 6 tall trees and high grass covered an unfinished alleyway near Spings Rd. They said the city recently finally cut everything down but left the trash that had been piling up.

"When I come home I try not to even look this way," said neighbor Kenya Randolph. "It makes me feel like no offense, like I'm homeless."

Neighbors said the trash has also attracted animals like possums and rats. One woman said she even found a dead snake in her yard.

"It's scary because I can't allow my grandkids to play in my backyard without me coming out on the deck," said Tammy Dungee who lives on Columbia St.

Randolph said she's made repeated calls to the city to clean up the mess but nothing has been done.

She reached out to CBS 6 and we started making phone calls on Thursday.

A spokesman told CBS 6's Chelsea Rarrick that the city does own that area and this is the first they've hard of the issue. They also said someone from the Department of Public Works would visit the site next week.

We also brought the concerns to Councilwoman, Reva Trammell.

"It's a disgrace," said Trammell. "I'm ashamed to even say this is in my district."

Randolph said she won't stop caring for her neighborhood, but has this message for the city.

"I can't leave my property unattended to and not be penalized or fined for it, so why should I have to wake up look to the left of me and this is what I see?" she said.