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A south of the border treat fresh from the garden

Posted at 12:49 PM, Jul 24, 2014
and last updated 2014-07-24 12:49:20-04

RICHMOND, Va - Chef Tammy Brawley of Green Kitchen dished up a flavorful fresh guacamole, as well as a fresh corn salsa. Chef Tammy says the key to this guacamole is leaving out the lime juice and keeping it nice and chunky for all of that fresh flavor. You can learn more by visiting http://greenkitchenrichmond.com/.


½ C finely diced yellow onion

1 C cilantro leaves
1-2 jalapenos, seeded and roughly chopped
½ t salt
4 ripe avocados
6 Roma tomatoes

½ C finely diced red onion

Place yellow onion, cilantro, jalapeno and salt in food processor and process lightly.

Cut avocados in half, horizontally and using knife, gently “whack” into pit, twist gently to remove pit.  Place cut avocado half on board and cut through peel into slices.  Place slices into medium mixing bowl.  Using a slaw cutter, roughly chop avocado slices, leaving chunky.  If you don’t have a slaw cutter, roughly chop before adding to mixing bowl.

Dice tomatoes and add to avocado along with finely chopped red onion and yellow onion, cilantro and jalapeno mixture.  Stir gently and taste for any further salt.

Tammy’s Corn Salsa

4 ears corn
½ - 1 Cup chopped red onion
1½ Cups diced Roma tomatoes (3)
¼ Cup chopped cilantro, or more to taste
1 sm-med banana pepper, seeded & chopped
1½ tsp chopped garlic
3 Tbl olive oil
2 T fresh lime juice
1 tsp cumin

¾ tsp salt

First let me stress the fresher the ingredients, the better the salsa.

I buy corn in the husks, if possible, and cook them in the microwave, while still in the husks at 2 minutes per ear. Let rest in the microwave also at 2 minutes per ear, and then let rest out of the microwave for same amount of time before peeling off husks.

While corn is steaming, chop the rest of the solid ingredients and mix together in a glass or stainless bowl.

Whisk together the oil, lime juice and spices in a separate small bowl.

Peel husks from corn, and cut corn off into a large bowl, as this gets messy.  Let corn cool, either in refrigerator or to room temperature.  After cooling, mix corn with rest of solid ingredients and stir well to mix.   Stir in dressing.  Serve at room temperature with tortilla chips or refrigerate until ready to serve.