State police won’t investigate fatal shooting of family pet

Posted at 8:13 PM, Jul 21, 2014
and last updated 2014-07-23 23:42:13-04

PRINCE EDWARD COUNTY, Va. -- Virginia State Police have chosen to decline a local prosecutor's request for a formal investigation into the death of a Farmville family's golden retriever.

"Everywhere you go to turn you get a dead end road," said Stephen Carwile, whose stepson owned Party, "Everyone's trying to put a stop to what is supposed to take place."

Prince Edward County Commonwealth's Attorney James Ennis said Monday that he  asked the Virginia State Police to investigate the shooting of an eight-year-old golden retriever named "Party."

On Tuesday State Police said they have decided not to investigate the death, according to Ennis, who said that all he could do was make the request.

CBS 6 asked A Virginia State Police Spokesperson why this decision was made.

"The incident was reviewed, consultation was done with the Commonwealth's Attorney, and the decision was made to decline," said spokesperson Corinne Geller.

When asked if she could elaborate on why, Geller said no.

The homeowner, Stephen  Carwile has started a petition addressed to Mark Herring, the Commonwealth Attorney General, that asks Herring to have state police investigate.

"We, the people expect and deserve answers from our elected officials, reguarding reckless and unecessary killings, especially when our amendment rights (ie. fourth) are violated," reads the petition. "Reckless shooting through homes and residential areas for inappropriate reasons, to wound a pet and leave him to die is unacceptable."

The dog was shot on June 27 by a Prince Edward Deputy who was serving a civil warrant at the family's home.

That deputy said he felt threatened by the animal.

“The dog was at the same level of the officer when he fired,” said homeowner Stephen Carwile, and indicated that the deputy was standing at the bottom of the deck.

“I come home to blood all over the place all over my porch,” said Carwile. He called the sheriff’s office after he couldn’t find Party, then saw his blood stained deck and the warrant.

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