Selfie craze hits the breakfast table, with personalized toast

Posted at 5:32 PM, Jul 18, 2014
and last updated 2014-07-18 17:32:15-04

The selfie craze has now hit the breakfast table.

This toaster made by the Vermont Novelty Toaster Corporation can burn your face on your bread -- the toasted selfie.

A selfie fated to be slathered with butter.

Up until now the Vermont Novelty Toaster Corporation’s most popular image has been -- Jesus.

But now you can send in a selfie, and they'll reproduce it on a plate, the plate fits into their specially designed toasters, which they sell for 75 bucks.

It's definitely uber narcissistic.

At the web site "Burnt Impressions" you can order all kinds of toasters.

We like the breakfast reminder "take your meds."

You can even have your pet burned into your toast. Along with his tie-dye shirt business, Galen Dively has been making novelty toasters in his Vermont workshop for four years.

His very first toasted image was a pot leaf followed by a peace sign.

He's toasted presidents from Nixon to an almost unrecognizable Bill Clinton.

“I have not had sexual relations with a Burnt Impressions toaster.”

What is the best kind of bread for selfie toast?

“Really want to have something fine grain without holes without air bubbles in it,” said Galen Divley, President, Vermont Novelty Toaster Corporation

“Pepperidge farm sandwich bread works pretty good,” he said.

The web site Jezebel opined that a selfie toaster is a sign of impending end times.

But look on the bright side.Now you can take your selfie and eat it too.