This is Donald, the 4-legged duckling winning over all the hearts

Posted at 12:16 AM, Jul 16, 2014
and last updated 2014-07-16 00:22:44-04

SULPHUR, La. -- A Louisiana family says they have hatched over 1,000 ducks, but they were in for a bit of a surprise when Donald came along.

Meet Donald the four-legged duckling.

His vet says he's healthy, but Donald will need daily physical therapy to make sure his good leg will work properly.

The poor guy has a little trouble getting around with his extra limbs, but he is making grand efforts to be mobile.

"...And everybody's like, 'wow. I've never seen that,’” said Donald’s owners Kylie and Claude Aucoin."They think it's cool.”

“They're like, 'that's so special,' cause he is. We think he's special.”

Donald's family says he will make regular visits to his vet to make sure he stays healthy.

He even has his own Facebook page. Daughter Kylie Aucoin started the page and since then, of course, Donad’s extra limbs have captivated the internet.

Have you considered that it may have been a twin embryo that grew together leaving the extra legs on the dominant surviving twin?” speculated Facebook fan Sara Williams.

Nature may be the only person who knows the answer to that.

Updates are frequently posted. Follow Donald’s adventures here.