Friends say missing Chesterfield woman’s relationship was on the rocks

Posted at 11:43 PM, Jul 14, 2014
and last updated 2014-07-14 23:52:25-04

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. -- Police say that the father of Zulma Pabon's four-year-old son is not cooperating with their investigation into her disappearance and say that's his constitutional right.

But a woman who knew both Pabon and Dr. John Gibbs II, says Zulma confided in her two weeks prior her disappearance, that she didn't feel comfortable at their house.

Pabon's close friend and former colleague Cassie Crenshaw is coping with the latest developments in her disappearance case, but she says Zulma told her that her relationship was on the rocks.

"I saw her two weeks prior to disappearing and she said she was getting her own apartment in July and that she was sleeping on the couch with her son,” said Crenshaw. “She said she was breaking things off and didn't feel comfortable at the house."

Her sister is  also trying to cope with the painful mystery.  "She was always such a strong person, my best friend, my rock,” said Yalitza Soba, tearfully trying to explain a bond that can't be broken.  "It's heartbreaking."

The timeline of events as CBS-6 knows them:

  • Pabon last texts a friend-shortly after 9:30 p.m. Friday, June 6th, canceling plans to hang out.
  •  At 6:25 Saturday morning, June 7th, Pabon’s car is seen leaving her Terrace Arbor Circle home.
  •  14 minutes later at 6:39 a.m, police say Gibbs is on surveillance video walking towards their home.
  •  About 12 hours later, an unidentified truck and trailer picks up what police believe is Pabon's car.
  • Fast forward 24 hours,  there's a picture of Pabon's car parked in the GreenleIgh Trailer Park, some 16 miles away.

How important is it to know who was driving that unidentified trailer?

"When police identify who drove that truck away, they're going to solve this case,” said crime expert Steve Neal.  “That person will have critical evidence."

"They certainly suspect Gibbs was involved in the case," Neal added. "I also gather from what police have done, that unfortunately, this is more than likely a homicide case, and not a missing person's case."

Police have not named a suspect or person of interest in Pabon's case.

Several neighbors confirmed Monday night that Chesterfield Police towed away a green minivan from Pabon's several days ago.

Below is a timeline of events surrounding this case. For all background stories and updates, click here: