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Owner who called 911 on cat thinks storms, fireworks and ‘going into heat’ caused feline to attack

Posted at 6:47 PM, Jul 11, 2014
and last updated 2014-07-11 18:57:33-04

VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. – An Orlando couple thinks a perfect storm is to blame for their house cat going on a rampage, attacking the husband and wife so badly that they had to retreat and causing them to retreat to their bedroom.

WKMG reports that Teresa Gregory still has bruises, bites and scars from when her cat attacked her in her in her Volusia County home.

"She's biting me, biting me and clawing me, all at the same time...and like hissing, so he grabbed her," Teresa said.

Her husband James was left with even more bites and bruises and still cannot believe it happened.

"The cat bit, and it clawed, and I could get the cat a little ways away, and it would run right back and just jump me and claw, and scratch me and bite," James said.

The couple said they have owned the Russian Blue cat named Cush for four years and have never had a problem, but that last Saturday she attacked.

"It was lightning that day… The night before was the Fourth of July. There were fireworks all in the neighborhood -- and also the cat had just went into heat, so I believe there was a combination of things that just sent the cat overboard," James said.

After the first attack, they locked the cat in the bathroom for nearly an hour, until it calmed down.

However, once they opened the door, Cush, went on another rampage, forcing the pair to lock themselves in their bedroom for more than an hour.

Then they called 911 and animal control officers arrived and removed Cush.

"She's a good cat, but I'm scared to bring her home...I can't have that happen again," Teresa said.

Kush has been quarantined for ten days. At that point the couple will have to make a decision about what should happen to the cat. They say they do not want to have her put down.