Tech wrestler’s quarry drowning prompts safety questions

Posted at 5:27 PM, Jul 04, 2014
and last updated 2014-07-04 17:29:03-04

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Va. -- The drowning of a Virginia Tech wrestler is raising questions about safety.

The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office said Darren Hankins drowned in a rock quarry on private property Wednesday night.

What isn't clear is if the 21-year-old and his friends had permission from the owner to be on the property.

Deputies said every summer they get more trespassing calls to the quarry, which has steep cliffs that are stories high.

Blacksburg Resident Emanuel Alexander said he wasn't surprised that someone was hurt at the quarry.

“Of course, it's dangerous. Common sense tells you it's dangerous. You're jumping off a cliff into water,” Alexander said. “It's definitely not the safest thing to do.”

The sheriff's office said Hankins' death appears to be accidental, but they're still investigating exactly what happened.