Top 10 things goalie Tim Howard could save

Posted at 9:39 PM, Jul 03, 2014
and last updated 2014-07-03 21:39:19-04

All hail the goalie!

America has a new sports hero, despite the fact that Team USA was eliminated from the World Cup.

Check out some of funniest web tributes to goalkeeper Tim Howard, who kept on stifling goals.

The U.S. may have suffered heartbreak, but they ended up with a heartthrob.

The internet didn't clap; it photoshopped its love.

Replacing George Washington on the quarter, in Tim we trust. The goalkeeper's 16 saves earned him the title "Human Wall."

Check out the Top 10 tributes to Tim Howard.

Many of them inspired by the hashtag #ThingsTimHowardCouldSave.

#10 The dinosaurs from extinction. That's howard intercepting an asteroid.

#9  The Titanic.

#8 Saving that Italian defender from the bite of Uruguay's Luis Suarez.

In #7, Mount Rushmore became Mount Howard.

#6, the gloves that blocked so many shots, not sure they're regulation size.

He's just amazing --#5 Howard saves Taylor Swift from Kanye West as she accepts her MTV Video Music Award.

#4 The king of blocking shots even saves Blockbuster. Maybe he should have saved his voice.

He was hoarse from yelling to his teammates. And humble as he received praise in interview after interview.

“That's what I signed up to do, stick my face in front of balls and try to keep them out.”

#3 Best tribute: Tim Howard contraceptive that blocks sperm from fertilizing an egg..

Our #2 best tribute goes to whoever changed the Wikipedia entry making Tim Howard U.S. Secretary of Defense. The goalkeeper later got a congratulatory call from the actual defense secretary, Chuck Hagel.

In our #1 tribute, Tim Howard time travels from the World Cup to the Super Bowl.

A world cup goalkeeper who saves Janet Jackson from her own malfunctioning cup.