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Sex scare sends Virginia couple to the ER

Posted at 8:34 AM, Jun 24, 2014
and last updated 2014-06-24 08:34:58-04
April and Alex as portrayed on TLC's SEX SENT ME TO THE ER.

April and Alex as portrayed on TLC’s SEX SENT ME TO THE ER.

COLONIAL HEIGHTS, Va. – A local couple’s sex scare will soon be broadcast on national television.  April and Alex, whose last names were not released, will be featured on this weekend’s episode of TLC’s series SEX SENT ME TO THE ER. A preview of the episode was released this week to the media.

The Colonial Heights couple’s story began a few weeks after the birth of their first child.

Still teenagers themselves, the young couple said they were anxious to once again have sex.

“The doctor said wait six weeks [before having sex again] and we started trying to figure out why did they say wait six weeks?” April said on the show.

The real Alex and April share their sex scare story on national TV.

The real Alex and April share their sex scare story on national TV.

Not worried about the doctor’s orders, the couple went ahead and jumped back in bed together.

“At the time it seemed everything was going really well,” Alex said. “It did not seem like April had any setbacks.”

But then… something happened.

April said she felt a numbness go through her entire body.

“My first thought was ‘oh my God, what have I done?'” Alex said. “My second thought was ‘this must be why it’s six weeks, not two.”

Not thinking the numbness was too serious, the couple simply stopped having sex and went to sleep. The next morning April said she woke up to a splitting headache. When the pain did not go away, she took her mother’s advice and went to the ER.

At the hospital, doctors discovered April, then 18, had suffered a stroke during sex.

Doctor determined April had a rare condition called Moyamoya Disease. The disease blocks blood flow to the brain.

They said the disease, combined with her blood (which thickened after giving birth) contributed to her stroke.

She was sent home with blood thinners and ordered to see a neurologist.

Following their sex scare, the couple went on to have a few more children. This time, April and Alex said they waited at least eight weeks before having sex again.

If you have a sex scare story you’d like to share with the world, TLC is currently casting couples.