Family says prayer is helping Grayson Kirby recover after life-threatening accident

Posted at 9:09 AM, Jun 23, 2014
and last updated 2014-06-23 09:12:14-04
Grayson Kirby 01

Grayson Kirby (Family photo)

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. – If you ask Grayson Kirby’s family, they will tell you the power of prayer is strong.

Kirby, the Studley man thrown from a car during the Mid-Atlantic Power Festival (MAPFEST) earlier this month, is out of his coma and continues to recover at the University of Virginia Medical Center in Charlottesville.

In the hours after Kirby’s June 8 accident, his friends and family organized an online prayer group to focus their love,  support and attention.

They use the hash tag #GWKstrong and even created a Facebook group where Kirby’s supporters can share stories, photos and prayers. The Facebook group has gained more than 6,000 followers. Friends are holding fundraisers, selling shirts and wearing GWKstrong wristbands to show support.

When Kirby was flown to UVA Medical Center, he was put on life support and given a five percent chance to live, his brother Graham said.

Grayson Kirby

Grayson Kirby (Family photo)

On June 18 he emerged from his coma and two days later, another breakthrough.

“A lot of fathers got gifts from their sons this past Sunday [Father’s Day]. But I’m willing to bet nobody got one as good as my dad did,” Graham posted on Facebook on June 20. “My brother mouthed ‘I love you’ to him today! We got some smiles out of him, and he is capable of answering all of our questions! We are walking on air around here! GOD IS SO GOOD!”

In the days that followed, Kirby continued to undergo medical treatment and therapy.

“Please pray for patience for Grayson,” Graham posted on Facebook this past Sunday. “He’s going to be in that bed a while longer, and he’s not going to like it. But there were a few more smiles from him today, which brought a few more smiles from us as well. Thank y’all again!”

Kirby, a 31-year-old Atlee High School graduate, works with his father on their family farm. He is described as an avid hunter and boater and as someone with “charismatic charm.”

“We want all of Grayson’s supporters to know how much the outpouring of love has meant to our family,” brother Graham said. “It’s been a major force behind Grayson’s miraculous recovery.  The day will come when we have an opportunity to truly show our appreciation, but until then please continue to pray for Grayson.  It’s gotten him this far, and it’s going to bring him home to us.”