The smartphone app that could save your life

Posted at 7:11 AM, May 30, 2014
and last updated 2014-05-30 08:07:27-04

PORTLAND, OR – An Oregon man said he helped save a life thanks to an app on his smartphone. When someone calls 911, the PulsePoint app does a search of the immediate area to see if there is anyone with the app who can help.

Firefighter Scott Brawner was off-duty and working out at the gym when he got an alert from PulsePoint. The app showed a map that indicated the location of a man nearby who needed CPR.

Brawner followed the map and ran outside. In less than a minute he found Drew Basse, slumped over in his car. His heart had gone into cardiac arrest. Brawner started CPR until paramedics arrived, an action that likely saved Basse’s life.

"I cannot believe this thing worked," Brawner said. "I just got done doing CPR from PulsePoint in the parking lot. Even now, thinking about it, it's amazing how fast that whole thing worked."

Basse is in stable condition and should be able to leave the hospital soon.

"For the brain, minutes are critically important for recovery from a cardiac arrest," Dr. Mark Hart said. "There are very few things that the general public can do to make an impact in their day-to-day lives that can save the lives of fellow citizens."

Basse and Brawner had an emotional reunion over the weekend.

"I was there a week ago, I've been back twice with his family and grandchildren," Brawner said. "It's a pretty amazing connection."

You can download PulsePoint for free for iOS devices here or Android devices here.

The app even has a section dedicated to teaching you how to perform CPR if you're not familiar with how to do it.

Source: KPTV