Four-year-old hero chooses to help children in need

Posted at 3:17 PM, May 29, 2014
and last updated 2014-05-29 20:03:10-04
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GOOCHLAND COUNTY, Va.- By all accounts Sienna Dougherty is a typical four-year-old girl. She likes Barbie, all things Disney and her hair.

While Sienna is average in size, the Goochland girl has a big heart. Recently, she noticed a sick child without hair at a pool. Soon she started to ask her mom many questions.

"It amazes me someone of her age could be so interested," mother Josephine said. "She is a special kid."

Sienna heard about a way she could help the stranger, but it would require losing her own beloved locks.

Wigs for Kids provides children suffering from hair loss with wigs made from real hair.

"A couple of days went by and she saw the same young girl and said, ‘I’m ready to cut it,’” Josephine recalled.

"I wanted to donate it to kids who don’t have any," Sienna said.

Recently, Sienna walked into a Ciao Bella Salon in Chesterfield and took a big step.

"Her very first question was. Will it grow back," Josephine said.

The stylist cut off nearly 10 inches of Sienna’s brown hair.

Sienna 02

"I was a little shocked at first (because she loves her hair),” the stylist said. "Sienna is full of life. Full of energy. She loves people. She is very friendly."

"I wanted to be really, really kind. And I wanted it short, so I cut it short," Sienna said.

Sienna’s hair was bagged and mailed off to the Ohio-based non-profit.

"When they open it there is a lot of hair and when they put it on it looks beautiful," Sienna said.

Sienna took her generosity to new levels. Her Barbie dolls got into the act whether they liked it or not. She cut off their hair as well. "We have lots of dolls with strange haircuts," Josepine said.

Sienna 03

With her new bob Sienna looks a lot less like her favorite Disney character Rapunzel.  Asked if she would do it again Sienna Dougherty wouldn’t hesitate.

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