Great White shark travels to Eastern Shore

Posted at 10:23 PM, May 28, 2014
and last updated 2014-05-28 23:48:25-04

The Eastern Shore is still the last known location of a massive 2,300 pond, 14-foot-long Great White shark.

That’s according to marine research website that tags great white sharks with GPS devices, to study their movements and health.

The Ocearch website shows that the shark named "Genie" was last tracked on the eastern shore in Virginia.

Every time the shark surfaces, the GPD tag sends its location to a satellite.

Genie last surfaced on Sunday but since then, no updates.

She may still be around but keep in mind, that great whites can swim up to 25 miles per hour.

The tend to follow their food, so she could be anywhere.


Genie is named after scientist Eugenie Clark who was dubbed the “shark lady,” bcause of her studies that date back to the 1950s.

Ocearch has partnered with Dr. Greg Skomal, of the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries. After a summer of increased shark sightings in 2012, he hopes for answers.

Skomal pointed out that most research involves “trying to figure out why they occasionally bite people and not necessarily how they live.”

The crew chummed the waters for three days before hooking a Great White.

In a quick amount of time, they got blood samples and put in the tag.

Genie was the first shark tagged in the project, back in 2012.