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89-year-old woman strikes convenience store robber with a club

Posted at 6:19 PM, May 28, 2014
and last updated 2014-05-28 18:19:20-04

SPOKANE, Wash. -- Forbes just released its list of the world's most powerful women, and this 89-year-old woman should be on it.

She was working in the back of her Moses Lake convenience store near Spokane, Washington.

When she returned to the front, she said she found a man standing behind the counter, trying to open the cash register.

She says she threatened to stab him with a pair of scissors when he tried to make her open the cash drawer.

Then she said he pulled out a three-foot sword and shoved her when she wouldn't back down, and she fell – but she didn’t stay down.

“I got into a sitting position and I found the club so I went tried to swing this club at him and I tried to hit his head a couple times but I couldn't reach it, she recounted.

“So I thought, I can't reach anything else so I hit his legs.”

The owner says that didn't stop the thief from ripping the register loose and running out the door.

Police said they recovered the machine, but still haven't found the robber.

As for the owner, she said she hurt her elbow slightly when she fell.