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FrancisEmma Inc. Presents Ted Lange’s “Lady Patriot”

Posted at 3:42 PM, May 21, 2014
and last updated 2014-05-23 12:37:18-04

RICHMOND, Va., (WTVR): Richmond Ted Lange, aka "Isaac" the loveable bartender  from the Love Boat will  premiere "Lady Patriot" his third installment in his Historical Trilogy in Richmond May 23 - 25. It's based on a true Civil War story that happened in Richmond. It feature veteran actor Lou Beatty Jr, works include NCIS, Fight Club, Fist of Fury, Grey's Anatomy, and a recurring role on Betty White's Off Their Rockers. Beatty also makes his debut on "Finding Normal" with Candace Cameron Bure this weekend on the Christian Network. "Lady Patriot" also features Actress Chrystee Pharris, of "Scrub's, and Passions and her one woman show In Search of 'O'".

The performances benefits FrancisEmma, Inc, formerly St Emma Military Academy and St. Francis de Sales school in Powhatan. Both schools educated over 15,000 African-American Students The schools were originally owned by a Confederate general and built by slaves and is now being restored as a natural and historic education and destination site.

"Lady Patriot" runs Friday, 7pm,  Saturday at 3 pm & 7pm and Sunday at 3pm at the Modlin Center for the Arts, University of Richmond. Clovia Lawrence, Radio One KISS Fm, is the host of the 3pm Sunday show. For tickets and more information visit