Teen charged in Marty Cobb murder gets new attorney

Posted at 9:55 PM, May 20, 2014
and last updated 2014-05-20 21:57:12-04

RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) -- The teen charged with murdering eight-year-old Marty Cobb was in court today.

Cobb’s family members say the child was beaten to death for trying to protect his 12-year-old sister.

The judge has issued a gag order in this case, but there are a few details to report.

The teen’s hearing was nearly two hours, and the attorney that was representing that 16-year-old is now off the case. The court has appointed another attorney.

Prosecutors did not release the name.

After the Tuesday hearing the juvenile's mom and his father had no comment.

CBS 6 legal expert Todd Stone, who is not involved in this case, commented on the gag order.

“In this specific case, the judge found there were justifiable reasons,” Stone said.  “The juvenile court system is always very protective over juveniles and their rights.”

The teen (who CBS 6 won’t identify until he is officially charged as an adult) will return to court next month.

The teen suspect was charged in a 2010 attack. The mother of a seven-year-old Richmond boy says the teen brutally attacked her son with a hammer.

“He’s sick,” said Richmond mother of two children, Heather Arrington.

Arrington told CBS 6 that the teen lived nearby and lured her son, then three-years-old into another home and viciously beat him.

She said her son, Malachi Sottile, age seven, physically recovered from the attack, but said he’s had frequent nightmares ever since then.