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Breast cancer survivor finally meets Facebook friend who supported her

Posted at 1:53 PM, May 06, 2014
and last updated 2014-05-07 09:24:03-04

COLONIAL HEIGHTS, Va. (WTVR) - They are best of friends, but have only known each other for one year. They shared the darkest days and deepest secrets, but never talked face to face. Melissa Herman became Facebook friends with Kim Clements when she learned Kim was diagnosed with breast cancer. That was in May 2013.

Breast cancer survivor Kim Clements

Breast cancer survivor Kim Clements

Melissa grew to become a big source of support for Kim who tried to stay strong, for her family, during her cancer treatments. During their private Facebook chats however, Melissa knew when Kim needed some extra love.

"If I woke up and I saw 'Hey I’m up. Where are you at?' I knew," Melissa said about their Facebook chats. Melissa was a pain management assistant, so the ability to ease someone else's pain came naturally to her.

Melissa Herman

Melissa Herman chats on Facebook

“You have to be positive with someone with cancer,” she said.

Melissa helped her mother during her breast cancer battle. Melissa's mom beat breast cancer before she succumbed to lung cancer four years ago.

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Kim said Melissa's optimism helped her during her own cancer fight.

“It's extra special to have someone that you can share even the darkest times with as well as the good times," Kim said.

Despite their close Facebook friendship, Kim and Melissa had never met in person.

But that changed recently when Melissa surprised Kim at dinner one night in Colonial Heights.

CBS 6 was there when they stepped from behind their computer screens and into each other’s arms.

There were tears and more hugs before we sat down to talk to these two “buddies.“

”It’s very nice. I feel overwhelmed right now, but it’s very nice. I’m glad to finally meet her," Kim said.

There was so much to say.

“She’s special to me. She’s definitely special to me," Melissa said.

With Kim’s cancer in remission the pair are now focused on spreading awareness about the importance of breast self exams.

“I did myself exam. I found it myself."

“If you feel something is not right you need to have it checked.”