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Police say Ga. man used samurai swords to kill elderly parents

Posted at 10:38 AM, May 02, 2014

DECATUR, Ga. (WTVR) – Police say a Georgia man used samurai swords to kill his elderly parents.

WSB reports that a family member made the gruesome discovery Thursday afternoon after finding the 75-year-old and the 73-year-old fatally stabbed to death in a bedroom.

Police said the couple’s son, 39-year-old Calvin Ray Jr.,  used samurai swords to kill them.

“I thought this person was locked up in jail,” neighbor Dorothy Watkins told WSB. “I thought he was going to be incarcerated for a while.”

Investigators think the convicted felon, who was released from prison in December 2011 after serving time for aggravated assault and a weapons charge, drove off in one of his parent’s cars.

“It’s a very, very sad scene inside but fortunately we were able to apprehend this suspect before he got too far into the community,” Deputy Chief Cedric Alexander said.

Police arrested Ray at a park not far from their home.