Q&A with The Foreign Exchange on their tour, return to Richmond and more

Posted at 8:24 AM, Apr 29, 2014
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RICHMOND, Va. ( – The Grammy-nominated duo of Phonte and Nicolay, better known as The Foreign Exchange, will return to Richmond Thursday, May 1.

It’s the second performance date of their massive 35-date world tour. I hooked up with the R&B/electronica/hip hop duo to talk about the tour, their love for performing live, and their new record, “Love in Flying Colors.”

Cheats: The tour is massive. At least 35 tour dates – all over the world. How do you prepare for such a lengthy tour?

Phonte: I hit the gym, lift weights, jump rope, try to get my diet right. It’s really about trying to get in physical shape, also getting a lot of vocal rest and drinking a lot of water. After a show, I leave pretty quickly. And it’s not because I don’t want to spend time with our fans, I just have to rest my voice. At this point our show is about 2 hours so I have to shut down my voice right after in order to sound good the next night.

Nicolay: A lot of vocal rest too. I honestly prepare for it by not thinking about it too much. When you look at it on paper it does seem like a very daunting task, so it leads to a real day to day lifestyle. You get your clothes right, you get your shoes right, you get your equipment ready, but ultimately it’s just about getting out there and getting it started.

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