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Gruesome details emerge as Henrico girlfriend killer accepts plea deal

Posted at 8:27 PM, Apr 15, 2014
and last updated 2014-04-15 20:27:28-04

Blake Bryant will face second-degree murders charges at his July sentencing after pleading guilty before a Henrico county judge Tuesday.

"Willful, premeditated killing. No, we've never believed that at all. That's not ever been the point," said Kevin Purnell, Bryant's attorney.

Prosecutors say Bryant admitted to police that he was upset with girlfriend Samantha O'Quin. He accused her of cheating on him.

Bryant told investigators the two argued in the upstairs bathroom, and he told police O'Quin grabbed a knife that had been left in the bathroom to clean up toothpaste on the wall from one of the kids.

Bryant says the two struggled over the knife.

But prosecutors say the autopsy report shows the knife went into her, and she was strangled.

The medical examiner says O'Quin suffered stab wounds to her hand, and died from one to the neck. And it was also revealed that O'Quin's duct taped body was wrapped in a shower curtain.

Bryant says he dumped her body in the woods behind their King's Crossing Townhomes off Gaskins road in Western Henrico last September.

Bryant admitted to police that on the morning before O'Quin was murdered, he returned a few hours later to do chores, which included taking the couple's one-year-old daughter to the doctor.

Police said it was some 15 hours later when O'Quin's body was discovered.

The child was found alone inside the house.

His attorney, Kevin Purnell tells CBS 6 this situation is devastating for both families.

"In the end, they both lost. They both lost here. One has lost a daughter and the other has lost his son. And from this, they are now traveling a path that no one can come back from," said Purnell.