NOW HIRING: Snagajob looking for Ruler of Seven Kingdoms

Posted at 5:04 PM, Apr 14, 2014
and last updated 2014-04-14 17:24:11-04

ROYAL CITY, Washington (WTVR) –Royal City, Washington is a “relaxed farming community in the heart of the Columbia Basin.”

According to, America’s largest hourly employment network, Royal City is where the next King Landing’s Ruler of the Seven Kingdom’s job applicant can apply.

Due to unforeseen circumstances at the “purple wedding,” King’s Landing is in need of a new ruler to oversee and manage the Seven Kingdoms.

“Do you enjoy crowds of people screaming your name? Are you jealous of all people who get things handed to them just because of their last name? Are you a power-hungry somewhat sadistic person who has no idea how to get people to like them? Do commoners gross you out? This could be the position for you!

CBS 6 reached out the current mayor of Royal City to see what he knows about this position, and if he is interested in applying for the job. Mayor Kent Andersen took his place of power after Mayor Michael Stark (I do not jest) resigned in May 2013.

Mayor Andersen, who has served in his position for 10 months now, said he’s not interested in upgrading to Ruler of the Seven Kingdoms.

“That sounds like more work than this job,” Mayor Andersen said, and noted that their population is about 2,500 people, and there are no stoplights in town (they don’t ride horses though or hold jousting tournaments, he said).

“Would you be qualified though — do you have any medieval experience?” I asked.

“Well, I was the athletic director at the high school for 25 years, whose team is the Royal Knights,” Mayor Andersen said.

“He’s definitely prepared then,” said Kim Costa, Senior Marketing Analyst with SnagaJob.

Now, if you’re wondering whether your business degree, marathon television watching and booze-filled college years have adequately prepared you for this royal position, the job description emphasizes “don’t stress if you don’t know jack about running a kingdom.”

“Definitely bring, if you have one, a sword and show off your skills,” if you do get called for an interview, Costa suggested.

We suggest not acting like former King Joffrey.

Those who do apply, and Costa said that several people have already, will be entered into a contest to win $100, funded by the Rebels of North. A winner will be chosen by the end of the week, Costa said.

Maybe ruling the kingdom isn’t your thing, and Mother of Dragons is already taken.

So if you’re looking for work, you can always head over to (headquartered in Richmond, Va.) to see if there’s another job description that calls to you.

Per the job description, Costa said they have hopes of doing more ads like this in the future. “We hope it breaks up the monotony of job searching,” she said. The team conceived of it Sunday and put their heads together to post it.

As a disclaimer, Snagajob will not assume responsibility if the applicant is beheaded.

After all, the application transparently notes “the predecessors of this position have had poisonous and backstabbing ends that have left them unable to perform these duties.”

Read it in full here.