Workers perplexed over growing sinkhole menace

Posted at 6:22 PM, Apr 10, 2014
and last updated 2014-04-10 18:22:06-04

PETERSBURG, Va.(WTVR) --It may be blocked by barrels, but some employees of a nearby business, still have to drive past a sink hole to get into the business.

Several workers tell CBS 6 the hole is getting bigger every day and their concern is that one day their car may drop down into the hole, which is about six feet deep and goes much deeper under the asphalt.

Workers are worried the road could collapse if there isn't enough structural support underneath.

The problem is erosion under the North West Street.

A temporary fix by the city a few weeks ago, was washed away during a recent rain storm.

Some nearby workers say the hole keeps expanding and that they have reason to be concerned.

A few years ago, on the same street, another sink hole opened up where a mini van was parked.

A wrecker had to be called in to pull it out.

A nearby homeowner says, she's called the city twice in the past year because of a water leak on the road.

The Director of Public Works visited the site around 1pm Thursday and decided the street needed to be blocked off, to better protect the public.

Steven Hicks says the company that marks water and sewer lines on the road have been contacted and as soon as they complete that task, the city will begin repairs.