Virginia teacher’s naked selfie posted on social media

Posted at 12:35 AM, Mar 28, 2014

CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WTVR) –A naked selfie of a Western Branch High School teacher and coach standing completely naked in front of a bathroom mirror, holding his private parts, has been posted to social media and has quickly spread to some of his own students.

A Chesapeake mother, speaking on terms of anonymity, told WTKR that her ninth-grade daughter showed her the photo sent to her on Twitter Tuesday night.

“Everybody knows about it she said. She said it was like the talk of the school yesterday.”

While the mom says the rumor is that the teacher sent the photo to a student, police say he may actually be the victim.

For that reason, WTKR and WTVR chose not to identify him at this time.

More than a year ago the teacher reported his phone stolen to his cell phone provider, police said.  Then, Tuesday night he found out the very personal picture saved on that phone had been shared on the web.

The photo posted on Twitter was tracked back to Instagram account VAWarning 757, and the bio listed said they hoped to expose “hoes” of  Virginia Beach and Chesapeake.

Police say they do have a couple of potential suspects in mind, but they’re still investigating.

Chesapeake Public Schools officials say their human resources department is also looking into it, but they can’t comment further as it is a personnel matter.

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