Rest in Pizza, Dave Brockie

Posted at 12:41 PM, Mar 28, 2014
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Via Vinnie's Pizzeria Instagram

Via Vinnie’s Pizzeria Instagram

The world has wept green goo, thrashed and shaken its fist at the news that GWAR frontman Dave Brockie, or Oderus Urungus, left Earth for his home planet.

Brockie, age 50, was found dead in his Richmond home Sunday.

Click here for CBS 6 coverage of Dave Brockie

Click here for CBS 6 coverage of Dave Brockie

Founded in the 1980s by Brockie and fellow VCU art students, GWAR gained international fame for its brand of heavy metal music and outrageous stage show.

One tribute we found today comes from a Brooklyn pizzeria.

Vinnie’s Pizzeria posted a picture of their menu board that includes three specials in tribute to Dave Brockie.

There are three kinds of slices available: the Gwarogi, the Oderus UrFungus, and the Dave BrockieLi.

Vinnie’s Pizzeria seems to be one of a kind, check out their other creations on their Tumblr page. 

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Rest In Pizza, Dave Brockie. #GWAR #OderusUrungus #DaveBrockie #restinpizza

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