4 bomb threats, 5 days, 1 school

Posted at 12:09 PM, Mar 27, 2014

GREENSVILLE COUNTY, Va. (WTVR) - The Greensville County Schools system has identified several students involved in a series of school bomb threats that forced multiple school lock downs at E.W. Wyatt Middle School.

Greensville County Schools superintendent Phil Worrell said the students who were caught will face criminal charges; however, he did not specify how many students will be charged. The school board would hold separate hearings to decide if the students would be expelled, he added.

Thursday was the fourth bomb threat in five days at Wyatt Middle School. The threats were found written on notes within the school, Worrell said.  At this point, school leaders said they think the threats are pranks.

The middle school students were evacuated from Wyatt Middle School and moved to the nearby high school.

"They sit in the gym all day; playing, not learning.  We have SOL tests coming up," said frustrated mother Tristy Rosseau, who's son is in the 6th grade at Wyatt Middle.

Some parents said they kept their children home from school due to the on-going threats.

"She does not want to go to school; it's that bad," said Waylon Simmons, who has a daughter in the sixth grade.  "She's afraid something is going to happen."

Multiple bomb threats have been made at Greensville County Schools prior to these, which began last Friday, according to school officials.  Threats were also made on Greensville County High School earlier in the school year, officials said.

If the threats do not stop and more instructional time is missed, administrators said they may institute Saturday school for all students.

"That's punishing my child [for the actions of others]," said Rosseau.