Virginia Beach house sitter leads police to pot, guns after shooting himself accidentally

Posted at 6:55 PM, Mar 19, 2014
and last updated 2014-03-19 18:55:56-04

A Virginia Beach house sitter was keeping an eye on a house that turned out to be filled with pot and guns when he accidentally shot himself, according to WTKR.

This incidentally lead police to the home, filled with pot and guns.

Police records show a 35-year-old man called 911 last Friday after the accident. A police officer, identified as J. Lopresti, raced to the house to help the wounded man.

When he got inside, the officer “observed marijuana, smoking devices, plastic baggies, several cellular phones, several firearms and security cameras in plain view,” according to a search-warrant affidavit.

Just before the wounded man was transported to the hospital, he told a second police officer he was house sitting for a friend.

Police said the homeowner had a minor criminal record, mainly for alcohol problems, according to WTKR. 

Police seized marijuana and handguns from the house, according to the search warrant. A police spokeswoman said Wednesday no one has been arrested.