Woman alleges doctor stuck hands down pants twice during Christmas party

Posted at 1:36 PM, Mar 19, 2014

HANOVER COUNTY, Va (WTVR) -- Charges against the family physician accused of sexually assaulting a woman at a Christmas party  last year were certified to circuit court Wednesday.

Dr. Brent Logie is charged with two counts of object sexual penetration by force.

Logie, who had practiced medicine at Hanover Family Physician since 2005, is accused of sticking his hands down the front of a 23 year-old woman's pants twice during the party.

His accuser testified against him in Hanover General District Court on Wednesday, and broke down on the stand multiple times while recounting her memory of the night.

The victim was once a patient of Logie's; however, she stated that he never made any attempts like this while he was her doctor.

Logie's defense attorney called into question the accuser's account of what happened.  Multiple times during the defense's cross-examination, the accuser testified that at no point did she tell Logie to stop his alleged actions or attempt to push him away.

Defense attorney Michael HuYoung said after the hearing they called into question the credibility of the evidence against his client.  In court documents, investigators stated they had DNA evidence linking Logie to the crime.  HuYoung said that no such evidence has been produced to him at this point in the legal process.

Logie and his wife walked hand in hand while entering and exiting the courthouse.  Logie is not currently practicing medicine at Hanover Family Physicians due to liability issues, according to HuYoung.

A trial date for the case is being worked out between the prosecution and defense.