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VIDEO: 9-year-old with special needs competes for custom bike

Posted at 1:53 PM, Mar 14, 2014
and last updated 2014-03-14 16:36:43-04

WINFIELD, W Va. (WCHS) -- A nine-year-old boy who may one day be confined to a wheelchair hopes to win a specially designed, $1500 adaptive bike.

Brady Conn, who suffers from Spina bifida, hydrocephalus, club feet, neurological bowel and bladder, is developmentally delayed. The boy had undergone two open heart surgeries along with along with numerous other surgeries over the years.

But none of those hardships have slowed down the energetic boy from doing what he loves most: riding his bike.

Brady's parents, Anna and Matthew Conn, adopted him when he was a baby. They said while Brady has faced many challenges, he never gives up.

Brady desperately wants costs a specially designed, $1500 bike. He currently uses a hand peddle bike that only uses his upper body strength.

The custom push pedal bike would work his leg muscles -- and hopefully keep him out of a wheelchair a little longer.

As a result, Brady is participating in a national contest to win a customized adaptive bike that his family cannot afford. The Michaela Noam Kaplan Great Bike Giveaway is sponsored by Friendship Circle of Michigan.

“Put Brady in a unique position where he can show the public that special needs kids want to be just like another kid,” said Anna Conn, Brady’s mother. “They need a bike and special needs stuff is sometimes more expensive and he just wants to be a normal kid, and he wants to ride a bike but it has to be a modified bike."

Visit the Great Bike Giveaway's website to vote for Brady.  Voting ends March 25 and the winners will be announced the following day. Please SHARE this post to help spread the word!