STUDY: CBS 6 Storm Team provides ‘most accurate’ weather forecast in Richmond

Posted at 11:33 AM, Mar 11, 2014
and last updated 2014-03-12 06:03:11-04

RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) - What is the number one reason you watch local news or visit a local news website? When we asked that question to Central Virginians, the overwhelmingly response was -- the weather.

And when it comes to weather, most people look for the most accurate forecast available.

Most Accurate WeatherThat is why and CBS 6 News are proud to announce WeatheRate, an independent weather testing service, recently confirmed the CBS 6 Storm Team provided the most accurate forecast in Central Virginia.

The detailed process involves review of the four-day forecasts from local TV stations in major U.S. metropolitan areas, every day, 365 days per year, by WeatheRate employees.

WeatheRate also obtains local observed weather data. The forecast and observed weather data are fed into their patented software, WeatherTracker II, which compares the forecast with the actual observed conditions.

"Through a series of mathematical calculations, we determine which TV stations have the best daily, weekly and monthly accuracy," WeatheRate explained on its website. "Then, every March, we offer our seal of approval to the TV station that provides the most accurate weather forecasts in our WeatheRated Cities."

This year WeatheRate found CBS 6 to be most accurate.

“I’m honored that our team has been recognized for this accomplishment," CBS 6 chief meteorologist Zach Daniel said. "There are so many weather resources these days on so many different platforms, that it can be very confusing for Central Virginians to know where to turn for the most accurate information. Whether it’s helping them plan for their day or keeping them safe during severe weather, viewers count on us to be precise, and this study, I feel, will ultimately make it easier on the viewers to know who to trust when it matters most.”

When deciding which weather team was most accurate, WeatheRate not only considered high and low temperatures, precipitation, snow accumulation, wind and fog, but also the timing of weather events.

“We know how important weather is to our viewers in the morning," CBS 6 morning meteorologist Carrie Rose said. "There are moms and dads out there watching who want to make sure their kids are ready for the weather. There are people who work outside all day and I know they’re depending on me, so being accurate is something I take seriously. I’m grateful to be part of the most accurate weather team in town.”

TV stations do not pay to participate in WeatheRate surveys, according to the company.

"We offer the WeatheRate seal of approval to only the most accurate TV stations in order to recoup our investment. This independent position enables us to provide the general public with credible and accurate findings," the company said.

“I’m extremely proud of our entire weather team. Zach, Carrie, Mike Stone and Mike Goldberg are so dedicated and passionate about providing our viewers with the most accurate forecast. The fact that we can prove that CBS 6 provides the most accurate information is rewarding,” CBS 6 news director Sheryl Barnhouse said.

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