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Why Chrysler ordered this rare Dodge Viper to be crushed

Posted at 10:20 AM, Mar 07, 2014
SOURCE: Twitter user @IamPrinceKenzie via KCPQ

SOURCE: Twitter user @IamPrinceKenzie via KCPQ

OLYMPIA, Wash. (KCPQ) — A rare, pristine Dodge Viper is scheduled to be destroyed in Washington state’s South Puget Sound Community College in the next two-to-four weeks.

This after Chrysler sent a letter to the school stating that the $250,000 1992 pre-production Dodge Viper owned by the school must be destroyed.

Norm Chapman,an automotive technology professor at the college, said he was unsure why Chrysler told him it had to be destroyed.

However,  Chapman thinks the company may be responding to possible litigation after two other educational Vipers were involved in crashes while operating illegally outside the classroom.

Chapman described the car, which is one of a collection of educational vipers donated by Chrysler to auto schools across the country, as a once in a lifetime vehicle.

“It was fourth off the line,” Chapman said. “To see a piece of history get crushed like that would be sad.”

Chapman said the Viper only has 304 miles on it; all put on either by the manufacturer or on a mechanics rack at the school. In fact, he said the classic has never even been on the road.

“It’s a picture perfect car,” Chapman said.

Some students and professors are trying to get the car move the car to LeMay Car Museum in Tacoma, but said Chrysler has so far been resistant to attempts, saying it needs to be crushed.

Still, he holds out hope someone will help save the unique car.

“Maybe it will get a pardon from the Governor like those turkeys over Thanksgiving,” Chapman said, chuckling.

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