If this shelf cloud moving over Sydney doesn’t look apocalyptic, what does?

Posted at 12:59 AM, Mar 06, 2014

Must watch time-lapse of a very large shelf cloud moving over the city of Sydney, Australia on Wednesday.

The city was hit by a severe storm on Wednesday (March 5) as huge clouds rolled in over Sydney Harbour, bringing lightning and heavy rain.

Commuter travel was disrupted as the storm struck during peak hour causing delays in public transport out of the city. Wind gusts exceeding 50km/h (31 miles) were also recorded in parts of the New South Wales coast, local media reported.

The State Emergency Services have dealt with 191 calls for assistance, Australian media reported.

Shelf clouds over Broad St and Short Pump

Shelf clouds over Broad St and Short Pump

Remember the day when shelf clouds moved in Richmond?

You wouldn't imagine how many calls came into the newsroom. Well, because shelf clouds look awesomely, drastically apocalyptic.