Brandermill daycare’s conditional permit request denied

Posted at 12:12 AM, Mar 06, 2014
and last updated 2014-03-06 00:53:35-05

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. (WTVR) --On Wednesday night, the Brandermill Community Association (BCAA) voted down Joni Roberts' request to continue operating her in-home daycare under a conditional use permit.

For several months, Roberts has been battling to keep her business up and running. After tonight she comes one step closer to closing her business.

CBS 6 was not allowed inside the meeting, but waited outside to interview residents and board member Jack Bettin, who had avoided comment to us the past week.

The BCA said Roberts’ business violates a 40-year-old neighborhood covenant which is designed to limit in-home businesses that have the potential to create traffic problems.

The vote Wednesday night was 5-1, with  Bettin abstaining.

CBS 6 first reported last week that Mr. Bettin's wife also runs her sex and relationship therapy business out of her home, which also appears to be in violation.

But when CBS 6's Chelsea Rarrick questioned Mr. Bettin last month, her call was abruptly ended.

"Chelsea, first I want to apologize. You called me and I hung up. You scared the wits out of me," Bettin said after the meeting.

Mr. Bettin's wife's in-home business was brought up again at Wednesday night's meeting, those in attendance told CBS 6.

Mr. Bettin said he was not aware his wife's in-home business was in violation of the covenant when first reading it.

"We misinterpreted it," he said."In my view when I read it, it stated any home based business that created traffic, and in our mind one car coming to our home does not create traffic."

I asked Bettin if, as a board member, he should be aware whether he's in violation of a covenant.

"I am now. At the time I wasn't a board member when we first started the business, and so I wasn't aware of that," he said.

Mr. Bettin said at the time of first reading the covenant, his wife called the BCA and said they were comfortable with what they were doing.

I asked if his wife will continue to run her business in her home for right now even though it's in violation.

"Until we hear further, yes," said Bettin.

Another BCA board member said the board plans to discuss all in-home businesses in Brandermill in the future.