Tuesday was ALMOST our coldest March morning on record

Posted at 8:55 AM, Mar 04, 2014

RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) – Rarely do I root for the temperature to drop another degree in the morning. But this morning, I kind of wanted it to, at least officially, at Richmond International Airport.

With the ideal combination of snowpack, clear skies, and light northerly winds, most of you in the Metro area started your morning with temperatures like this (snapshot taken at 4:30AM):


But temperatures for many of you in the Greater Metro Area continued to dip before sunrise into the single digits. Not so at the airport, though! RIC clung to 11 degrees for three hours Tuesday morning, never officially dipping to 10 degrees. Here are this morning’s low temperatures:


Why did I even care about 10 degrees? Because that’s the all-time coldest March temperature recorded in Richmond (officially at Richmond International Airport). Incidentally, it happened on March 4, 2009. So if we were going to be so cold, why not make a record out of it?

Record or not, this is one of our coldest March mornings on record. This places us with other cold March mornings like:
11 degrees (March 1, 1937…March 3, 2009…March 14, 1960)
12 degrees (March 7, 1960)

Be safe and warm today!

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