This map can’t possibly show every state’s favorite band

Posted at 12:11 PM, Feb 26, 2014

most popular music

Ever wonder who the top favorite artist in Virginia? Perhaps it’s obvious that Bruce Springsteen would be popular in his home state of New Jersey. Heck, he’s pretty well loved in Virginia.

Is Tim McGraw more popular in his home state of Louisiana or the state he now calls home — Tennessee?

Buzzfeed recently posted the United States map claiming to list favorite artists by state.

Of course, Texas tips its hat to the King of Country, George Strait. Nebraska loves Bastille. AWOLNATION is the favorite in Utah. You would think Georgia’s native sons REM would be popular in that state, but they are the favorites of Maine.

But are you surprised by the artist that supposedly represents Virginia’s favorite? The Dave Matthews Band are certainly beloved –not to mention worldwide famous.

The data was acquired through aggregating listener preferences on a wide range of online music services, such as Spotify and Pandora. 

Paul Lamere, director of developer platform at The Echo Nest, which provides music intelligence info to services such as Spotify, iHeartradio, and SiriusXM, crunched the data.

And that’s why the map can’t represent states. Because it’s based on online data.